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InfoUkes is an Internet based information resource about Ukraine and Ukrainians. The two main services are a World Wide Web (WWW) server and a list server (E-mail distribution).

The InfoUkes web server provides information on Ukraine and Ukrainian people throughout the world. The topics range from history, culture, maps, genealogy, software, thru media and news publications on the Internet. InfoUkes also maintains links to websites in Ukraine and other Ukrainian-related web pages worldwide InfoUkes contains the largest data base (600 megabytes as of April 1st 1998 and growing) of information on Ukrainian related topics. To give some examples of how this information can be used, the detailed (1:200,000) topographic maps of Ukraine help individuals search for villages of their families origin. The maps also aid tourists wishing to visit Ukraine. The History Channel, recently recommended the InfoUkes website for its extensive collection of materials on the Internment of Ukrainians in Canada during World War I.

The InfoUkes list server provides electronic mail forums. Individuals use e-mail to make inquiries, voice concerns and discuss issues related to Ukraine, Ukrainians and people of Ukrainian heritage. This electronic global village (or "selo" in Ukrainian) is open to anyone who abides by the policies of the service and net etiquette.

The InfoUkes Internet site is designed primarily for anyone interested in Ukraine or Ukrainians and people of Ukrainian descent, particularly English speaking North Americans, who wish to learn more about their heritage.

The content on InfoUkes is copyrighted with all rights reserved. It has been created by the principals of InfoUkes, Inc., in some cases, in cooperation with organizations or individual contributors, who have granted publication rights.

On April 16th 1997, the InfoUkes site went online as an independently controlled Internet resource. It can be accessed using the following URL address:

About InfoUkes Inc.

InfoUkes Inc. was formed to provide a permanent home for the Ukes Internet host site that was formed at McMaster University in 1991.

The McMaster University Ukes site was created during Ukraine's drive for independence from the Soviet Union to counter misinformation in the media, and particularly on the Internet, about the ramifications of Ukrainian independence. Andrew Ukrainec at McMaster University and Gerry Kokodyniak at the University of Toronto originally formed an Internet discussion group using e-mail and a list server. This discussion list grew over the years from the original six members to several hundred worldwide.

In 1995 the World Wide Web server was added to the list service. Andrew Melnyk, Walter Maksimovich and Orest Dorosh joined Ukrainec and Kokodyniak with ideas and materials for placing on the Web, thereby expanding the site content considerably.

As the website expanded and attracted more visitors, it became clear that the site could no longer be based on a university owned Internet connection. This led to the incorporation of InfoUkes Inc., which owns and administers the Internet site.

The site hardware and Internet connection costs were funded by an initial capital contribution of the founding members. To continue operation, InfoUkes relies on income from advertisements on the InfoUkes web pages, sponsorships, and income from Internet services to businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Sponsoring or Advertising

The Internet is fast becoming the prime medium of communication and information dissemination in the world. If you or your organization believes with us that it is an essential medium for informing the world about Ukraine, we hope you will consider becoming a sponsor of the InfoUkes Internet site.

If your business, organization or product is of interest to individuals also interested in Ukrainian-related information, we invite you to advertise on the InfoUkes pages.

Individuals searching for information on Ukraine and Ukrainians visit InfoUkes first. InfoUkes was the first Ukrainian Internet site and has the largest repository of data on Ukraine and Ukrainians. InfoUkes is well known throughout the worldwide Ukrainian Internet community and is indexed by Internet search engines. Thus InfoUkes provides the largest audience for anyone wishing to reach the target market of young, educated, mobile individuals with interest in Ukraine.

Since 1995, the number of visitors to the InfoUkes site has grown exponentially at a rate between 10%-16% per month, as shown in the chart below. The visitors are mainly from the US and Canada, though there is a growing number of visits from Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and, of course, Ukraine.


InfoUkes provides several different services. Main Page banner advertisements are available, as are exclusive sponsorships for specific Topical pages. InfoUkes also provides Web Page hosting and listservices to businesses and organizations. Web Page design services are also available. For organizations interested in a specialized interactive forum, mailing lists are an ideal solution.

For more details and pricing, please refer to the attached Rate Card or view the information on the InfoUkes site at URL:


InfoUkes founders and directors:

Andrew Ukrainec Toronto, Canada
Gerald Kokodyniak Toronto, Canada
Orest Dorosh Toronto, Canada
Andrew Javni Toronto, Canada
Andrew Melnyk Rochester, NY
Walter Maksimovich Washington, DC


For further information please contact us by one of the following means. We can arrange for a demonstration (where feasible) and a quote for specific services.

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