Photos taken by Oleh Iwanusiw,
in March, 1997.


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Built by the city of CURITIBA for the occasion of the First Centennial of the Arrival of the First Immigrants to Brazil.

Replica in Hardwood (Noble-Wood), of the Ukrainian Immigrants Community Church located at Serra do Tigre, in the Municipality of Mallet.

Inaugurated on the 26 of October of l995 in the Honorable presence of Mr. Leonid Kuchma, The President of Ukraine. Mr. Jaime Lerner, The Governor of the State of Parana. Father Efraim Basilio Krevey, The Eparch of the Ukrainian Catholics of Brazil. Father Jeremias Ferenz, The Eparch of the Ukrainian Orthodox of South America and the presence of other high representatives of both Brazil and Ukraine.

As homage of the City of Curitiba to the Contribution Given by All Immigrants in the Construction of modern Brazil.

Rafael Valdomiro Greca de Macedo,

The above text, which appears on a bronze commemorative plaque, was translated from Portugese by W. Maksimovich. Note that the monument was designed by a Brazilian architect, who also happens to be the mayor of Curitiba - the capital of PARANA State. The architect also happens to be a "chosen person", for this reason there is no cross on top of the replica of tserkva.

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