The Ukrainians

(Thanks to Zenon M. Feszczak for supplying some of the samples and descriptions.)

The Ukrainians are a project of members of the British alternative pop group The Wedding Present. Based in London, they have several records available. The Ukrainians perform primarily original material, and include few traditional songs, and at least one based on Shevchenko's writings. In addition, The Ukrainians have covered songs of The Smiths - in Ukrainian, of course. Morrissey would be happy, if that were not an oxymoron. Stavajte, Kozaky!

  1. Cherez richky (cherez_r.ra, 83K)
  2. Chekannya (chekanny.ra, 57K)
  3. Durak (durak.ra, 61K)
  4. Hopak (hopak.ra, 82K)

    Traditional Ukrainian dance song, in a non-traditional version! Ukrainian dances are among the most physically demanding in the world, and the Hopak is one of the most challenging. Probably the fastest Hopak ever put to vinyl. A complete physical by a certified medical doctor is recommended before any attempts are made to dance to this.

  5. Oi Divchyno (oi_divch.ra, 73K)

    Our protagonist asks his female companion to ride his horse. The listener is encouraged to freely interpret the literary subtext.

  6. Teper my (teper_my.ra, 83K)
  7. Vorony (vorony.ra, 78K)

The CD's are available for purchase from Yevhsan. All samples are in RealAudio(R) 5.0 format.

Download the free RealPlayer 5.0 here.

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