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Ukrainian Vyshytia

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Ukrainian Vyshytia

The Concert-Marching Band
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Band in Concert
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The Ukrainian Youth Ensembles Concert-Marching Band, together with the female, male, and mixed choruses, functions as a combined entity under the direction of Mr. W. Kardash, M.A.

The cultural work of the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles is dedicated to Holy Mary, the Mother of God and the Protectress of the Ukrainian Nation.

Band membership consists of Ukrainian youth, students and young professionals who share a common interest in Ukrainian music, culture, and tradition. The repertoire of the Band includes a variety of Ukrainian music: religious, folk, classical, contemporary, marches and ceremonial.

The Band's educational-artistic work does not end at music and tradition. After attending only several practices the new band member quickly learns to appreciate that both musical and personal progress are important in the Band.

Friendship, responsibility, discipline, and a spirit of unity are virtues highly encouraged and fostered by the Band members. All of these virtues are epitomized during the Band performances, whether they be local, or the always memorable out of town (or province) performances.

Band in Marching Formations
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The band uniform is regarded with great respect. The stylization and colours of the uniform are symbolic of the military band tradition throughout Ukrainian history. By its unique blending of this past tradition with contemporary images, the uniform has itself become a legacy for the future.

The Band of the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles consists of three distinct sections:

The Concert-Marching Band
The Colour Guard
The Junior Drum Corps.

Official Band Portrait
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Candidates for the Band or Colour Guard are accepted from 14 years of age; for the Junior Drum Corps, between the ages of 8 and 14.

Ukrainian Vyshytia

Ukrainian Youth Ensembles
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Contact Address

Ukrainian Youth Ensembles Corporation (YMA)
P.O. Box 37, Station D
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6P 3J5
Fax: (905) 884-0411

The Ukrainian Youth Ensembles Corporation (YMA) is a registered charitable organization.

Ukrainian Vyshytia


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Ukrainian Vyshytia

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