Kyiv in Old and Modern Ukrainian

Andrew Gregorovich

Kiev in Old Ukrainian

Above are the Old Ukrainian forms of the name Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in the Cyrillic alphabet. This is the spelling of 1,000 years ago used in the Kingdom of Kievan Rus. The English form of the name Kiev in the Latin alphabet is derived from the Old Ukrainian (and Church Slavonic) language and based on the form used on European maps of the 15OOs. (Modern Russian today still uses an Old Ukrainian form of the name.) For the history of the name Kiev see: Etymolohichnyi Slovnyk Litopysnykh Heohrafichnykh Nazv Pivdennoi Rusi. Kyiv 1985, and Nazvaniia Drevnerusskikh Gorodov, V. P. Neroznak, Moskva 1983.

Below is the modern Ukrainian form of the name based on the new Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet and orthography.

Kiev in Modern Ukrainian

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