X Windows KOI8-U fonts

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For more detailed instructions on how to install fonts, see Stephen Bobick's Unix Ukrainian Fonts HowTo page.

Here is a table of some ukrainian characters and their keycodes that are missing from the standard KOI8 cyrillic font. If you have your KOI8-U ukrainian fonts properely installed in your system, you should be able to see the letters in the first column of the table.

ukrainian characterkeycode
(') 0xbd
(') 0xad
() 0xb4
() 0xa4
(I) 0xb6
(i) 0xa6
(, I:) 0xb7
(, i:) 0xa7

X Windows keyboard map

The X Windows keyboard mod map allows you to type ukrainian characters at the keyboard. Installation is through the xmodmap utility, using the Caps Lock key to toggle the modes. Alternatively, the xrus utility allows users to toggle easily between the default font and the new definition. After installing the utility, type xrus yawerty.koi8u.xmm to try it out.

Icon yawerty.koi8u.xmm - YAWERTY ukrainian keyboard mod map (3,226 bytes)
Icon yawerty.koi8u.txt - corresponding test file showing keyboard layout (206 bytes)
Icon xrus-1.3.0.tar.gz - utility for toggling between keyboard maps (44,229 bytes)

Miscellaneous Linux support for ukrainian

Icon KOI8-U related files for Linux tar file (20,458 bytes)
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Icon KOI8-U Translation map for UUPC 6.14 (256 bytes)
Icon KOI8-U Translation map for UUPC 6.14 Info file (36 bytes)
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Emacs ukrainian configuration

ukrainian.el --- display, translate and edit buffers containing ukrainian characters in various encodings. Supports different fonts (or transliterations), buffer encodings, keyboard layouts and insertion modes. For more instructions see Stephen Bobick's Emacs Ukrainian HowTo page.

Icon ukrainian.el - emacs configuration file for ukrainian (42,346 bytes)

LaTeX ukrainian configuration

See Stephen Bobick's LaTeX Ukrainian HowTo page.

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