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Bill C-331
The Ukrainian Canadian Restitution Act
Projet de loi C-331
Loi sur l'indemnisation des Canadiens d'origine ukrainienne
Inky Mark, MP

Barbed Wire

Inky Mark MP Internment Postcard
Recognition and Reconciliation
Please support Bill C-331 -- The Ukrainian Canadian Restitution Act

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Recognition and Reconciliation

During Canada's first national internment operations of
1914-1920 thousands of Ukrainians and other Europeans were
branded as "enemy aliens", were forced to do heavy labour,
had what little wealth they had confiscated, and lost their
right to vote. They endured these indignities not because of
anything they had done but only because of where they came
from, who they were.

My Bill C-331 -- The Ukrainian Canadian Restitution Act is now
before the House of Commons. It calls upon the Government
to recognize this injustice and, by making use of that portion
of the internees' wealth that was never returned, to develop
national commemorative and educational programs to ensure
that no other ethnic, religious, or racial minority in Canada
ever suffers as Ukrainian Canadians once did.

I need your help. Please ask your MP to support Bill C-331

Thank you.

Inky Mark, MP
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

I. Mark, M.P. / depute

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Barbed Wire


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