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One of the scenes from the story

When going through the story in the Read and Play mode, each new page begins with an animation followed by the spoken and written narration and a dialogue. During the narration, the text is highlighted as the words are spoken to allow the child to read along. The text and spoken word can be in Ukrainian or in English depending on which mode you choose.

Once the narration and animation stop, a snowflake will appear. snowflake cursor It is your cursor.

Try moving the cursor around the screen. When it changes to a hand, hand cursor try clicking on the left mouse button to see an animation.

Move the cursor to the top of the screen to bring down the row of icicles with the icons. This is your menu bar.

Left arrow icon Select the left arrow to go to the previous scene.

Bandura icon Select the bandura to go to a song.

Toy icon Select the toy to go to a game.

Book icon Select the book to change the language.

Door icon Select the door to leave the game.

Right arrow icon Select the right arrow to go to the next scene.

Ukrainian pattern seperator

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