Ukrainian National Federation
UNF and its Resource Centre are now at 145 Evans Avenue in Toronto.

Library, Ukrainian National Federation (Old location)
UNF Hall in Toronto UNF Hall Location Map

Library, Ukrainian National Federation
Head Librarian: Nel Nakoneczny
297 College Street West
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5T 1S2


Icon Ukes.In.Print / Knyhy Pid Shatrom 1999
Icon Ukes.In.Print / Knyhy Pid Shatrom 1998

Press Releases

  • 1999-09-14: Ukes.In.Print '99: Writing and Illustration Seminars Featured at Ukes.In.Print
  • 1999-09-14: Ukes.In.Print '99: Jazz Pianist John Stetch to Perform at Ukes.In.Print
  • 1999-06-28: Ukes.In.Print '99: A Celebration of Ukrainian Books & Music
  • 1998-09-18: Ukes.In.Print '98: Victor Malarek to appear at Ukes.In.Print


  • Ukes.In.Print '99: From Words to Pictures: An Illustrator's Journey [Halina Below]
  • Ukes.In.Print '99: New York Jazz Pianist John Stetch
  • Ukes.In.Print '99: Want to be a Published Writer? [Marsha Skrypuch]

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