CBS 60 Minutes Program: "The Ugly Face of Freedom"


On Sunday October 23rd, 1994, the CBS television network, through it's Public Affairs Program 60 MINUTES broadcast a twelve minute program titled The Ugly Face of Freedom. The host was Morley Safer and it was produced by Jeffrey Fager. The program was a misrepresentation of Western Ukraine today with a combination of footage from today and of World War II vintage. It was quite apparent that this documentary was a textbook example of distortion and "Soviet-style" propaganda about the relationship of Ukrainians with Jews in Ukraine.

CanWest Global TV, who air CBS's 60 MINUTES Program in Canada took a little over two years to put an apology statement on air. CBS's 60 MINUTES has yet to acknowledge doing anything wrong and does not appear to be willing to apologize for their false & misleading documentary. The matter is presently before the Courts in the United States.

The airing of this program coincided with the eve of the first visit of Ukraine's President, Leonid Kuchma, to the United States. The shear volume of historical and factual errors seem to suggest complete and utter ignorance/incompetence or a vicious attempt to promote hatred between these two ethnic groups. In light of CBS's 60 MINUTES refusal to apologize or even acknowledge any errors on their part, the latter seems indicative of their motivation. In other words they are using their privileged position on a major American TV network to disseminate the promotion of hate on a wide scale.

FYI, Burrelle Transcripts still sells transcripts of this episode for $7.00 US and had listed this episode as:

The Ugly Face of Freedom: Ukrainians accused of treating Jews worse than Germans did during World War II and Jews feeling hatred today.

Needless to say, the above statement is ludicrous.

These series of pages are intended to educate the general populace about this gross distortion of Ukrainian History and Ukrainian-Jewish relations in Ukraine by this CBS's 60 MINUTES Program. InfoUkes hopes to add to this series of pages in the upcoming year.

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Icon Jews & Ukrainians: Analysis of the CBS 60 Minutes Program
The Ugly Face of Freedom, October 23, 1994
Andrew Gregorovich, Forum: A Ukrainian Review
No. 91, FALL-WINTER 1994
Icon Jewish Criticism of 60 Minutes
Andrew Gregorovich, Forum: A Ukrainian Review
No. 91, FALL-WINTER 1994
Icon Scourging a Nation
CBS and the Defamation of Ukraine
Myron B. Kuropas
Published for the Ukrainian American Justice Committee
Icon CanWest Global TV Apology
Sunday December 1st 1996
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Please note that this site is not affiliated with CBS 60 Minutes. Any e-mail/mail addressed to the CBS Program 60 Minutes will not be responded to. The purpose of this site is to protest the CBS 60 Minutes Program "The Ugly Face of Freedom" which had defamed Ukraine and Ukrainians.

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