IMF TEAM IN UKRAINE FOR TALKS ON LOANS. A delegation from the IMF is scheduled to arrive in Kyiv on 22 July to begin discussions on a one-year stand-by loan, RFE/RL's Washington correspondent reported. The loan will be handled on a priority basis and is, according to sources at IMF headquarters in Washington, expected to be finalized and approved by the end of August. The loan, whose size has yet to be determined, is in lieu of the planned three-year loan program worth up to $3 billion that was put on hold in early July. An IMF review team said Ukraine had not yet implemented enough reforms to qualify for the loan.

UKRAINIAN FOREIGN POLICY, SECURITY DEVELOPMENTS. Ukraine and Indonesia have agreed to work jointly to put satellites into orbit and to share scientific data. A Ukrainian space official told Interfax on 21 July that the agreement was reached two days earlier during a visit by Indonesian officials. The two countries also pledged to cooperate in building and launching satellites. Meanwhile, Russia is about to hand over the first batch of warships to Ukraine under a May agreement settling the dispute over control of the Black Sea Fleet. The fleet's Rear Admiral Boris Chernishkov told Interfax on 21 July that warships, a submarine, several patrol boats, naval destroyers, minesweepers, and other smaller vessels are to be delivered.