FUNDS OF UKRAINIAN POLITICAL PARTIES TO BE MADE PUBLIC. The Ukrainian Central Electoral Committee approved a resolution on 25 February that authorizes two newspapers to publish the funds of political parties taking part in the 29 March elections, the "Eastern Economist" reported. According to the resolution, "Holos Ukrainy" and "Uriadoviy Kuryer" will list the total campaign funds of all parties and electoral blocs by 27 February. PB

POLAND WANTS TO KEEP VISA-FREE REGIME WITH UKRAINE. Polish Foreign Minister Bronislaw Geremek said Warsaw will tighten security on its eastern border but wants to continue visa-free travel for Ukrainian citizens, Reuters reported on 25 February. Speaking after a meeting in London with British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, Geremek said that Kyiv is willing to take back illegal immigrants who are refused passage into Poland. Both Russia and Belarus have refused to take that step, which Poland requires before allowing a visa-free regime with a neighboring country. Geremek also said Poland will lose up to $3 billion in "gray zone" trade because of increased restrictions on Belarusians and Russians traveling to Poland. But, he said, it is a "worthy sacrifice" for integration into the EU. PB