CHORNOBYL PLANT DIRECTOR SACKED. Nir Nihmatulin, head of the state atomic energy company, dismissed Chornobyl plant director Serhiy Parashyn on 4 May. According to the Enerhoatom, Parashyn was sacked for "gross violations of work duties and low executive discipline." Parashyn told ITAR-TASS he was ousted for sending a letter to the Ukrainian president criticizing Enerhoatom. "This organization lacks experience and is incapable of ensuring the nuclear safety of its power stations," AFP quoted Parashyn as saying. JM

HUNGARIAN OFFICIALS INVESTIGATE ASSASSINATIONS, BOMBINGS. The parliamentary National Security Committee has convened a meeting to investigate the spate of assassinations and bombings in the country, Hungarian Radio reported on 5 May. Committee head Imre Konya said "it seems that in Hungary terrorist acts can be committed with impunity." So far this year, there have been three bomb attacks on politicians (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 4 May 1998) and several prominent businessman have been assassinated, including media mogul Janos Fenyoe in February and a Ukrainian businessman shot dead on 4 May. Virtually no arrests have been made in connection with those incidents. PB