UKRAINE COMPLAINS ABOUT RUSSIAN HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES. The Ukrainian embassy in Moscow on 30 June asked the Russian authorities to investigate what it called human rights abuses in the Russian capital, the Ukrainian embassy in Washington told RFE/RL. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Viktor Nahaychuk said in Kyiv that Ukrainians working in Moscow have been mistreated or even beaten by local police because they lost or were unable to obtain residence permits from the city administration. PG

UKRAINE'S FINANCE MINISTRY FINDS MISUSE OF FUNDS AT CHERNOBYL. Finance Ministry inspectors have identified massive misuse of clean-up funds at the Chornobyl nuclear plant, ITAR-TASS reported on 1 July. The government press service said that approximately 10 million hryvnas ($5 million) have been embezzled, misappropriated, or misused. After levying fines on officials involved, the auditing service has taken control over all monies in the fund. PG.

UKRAINIAN FARMERS DEMAND LAND REFORM. Approximately 400 Ukrainian farmers demonstrated in Kyiv on 30 June to call for the passage of reform legislation that would allow them to buy and sell land freely, give them expanded assistance, and create a single tax on agricultural production, Interfax reported. PG

UKRAINE BATTLES DRUG, SEX TRADES. Ukraine's security service announced on 30 June that its officers have seized more than 8.5 tons of drugs and arrested 140 drug dealers since last year, Kyiv's "Segodnya" newspaper reported. Meanwhile, Nina Karpacheva, the head of the parliamentary human rights commission, told ITAR-TASS that one in every five of the nearly 500,000 Ukrainian women who have moved to Western Europe since independence have become employed in the sex industry. PG