KUCHMA WELCOMES PRIMAKOV'S APPOINTMENT. Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has welcomed the appointment of Yevgenii Primakov as Russian prime minister, Interfax reported on 12 September. Kuchma said at a meeting with the Luhansk Oblast administration that he has already congratulated Primalov on his confirmation by the State Duma and wished him "success and robust health." Kuchma also confirmed that his meeting with Russian President Boris Yeltsin will go ahead on 18-19 September but will take place in Moscow, not in Kharkiv, as planned. JM

UKRAINIAN PARLIAMENT BANS PRIVATIZATION OF DISTILLERIES. The Ukrainian Supreme Council on 11 September banned the privatization of distilleries by vetoing a corresponding decree signed by President Kuchma earlier this year, AP reported. The veto, supported by 236 deputies in the 450-seat legislature, will frustrate the government's hopes to raise 300 million hryvni ($120 million) from the privatization of 73 out of a total of 168 distilleries still not privatized. JM