UKRAINIAN CHIEF BANKER UPBEAT ON FINANCIAL STABILIZATION. National Bank chairman Viktor Yushchenko said on 12 November that the bank's hard-currency reserves grew to some $1 billion in October, Interfax reported. In Yushchenko's opinion, that figure confirms that the current exchange rate of the hryvnya--3.42 to $1--reflects supply and demand. He said he believes that Ukrainians have not lost confidence in the country's banking system and that Ukraine "stands a chance of keeping the situation under control through the rest of the year." Yushchenko also said the administrative management methods on the currency market, which "proved very efficient during the crisis," should be abandoned "as soon as possible." He did not rule out a money emission but said it should be "totally justified and appropriately related to currency flows or growth in GDP." JM

UKRAINIAN GOVERNMENT DECREES 'ADDITIONAL BUDGET REVENUES.' Finance Minister Ihor Mityukov on 12 November said that the government has issued a decree "ordering all ministries and departments to accumulate at least 700 million hryvni ($205 million) in additional budget revenues," Ukrainian News reported on 13 November. Mityukov said the decree provides for, among other things, the sale of assets seized by tax authorities from debtor companies. He added that the document reveals the government's resolve not to resort to money emissions in paying wage and pension arrears. Mityukov also said the government intends to reduce borrowing in coming years in order to prevent its debt from becoming unmanageable. He stressed that the threat is posed not by the size of the debt (some $15 billion) but by the period for its repayment. The government will not apply for "short-term and expensive loans," he commented. JM

SMIRNOV IN MOSCOW. Moldovan media reported on 11-12 November that Transdniester leader Igor Smirnov's 10-11 November visit to Moscow and his talks with the Russian leadership were aimed at coordinating positions in advance of the MoldovanRussian -Ukrainian summit scheduled to take place in Kyiv for 27-29 November. The summit will be attended by OSCE rotating chairman Bronislav Geremek. MS