UKRAINIAN PREMIER READY TO CONSIDER COALITION GOVERNMENT? Economy Minister Serhiy Tyhypko said on 21 March that Premier Viktor Yushchenko has not rejected proposals to create a coalition cabinet that would include representatives of the parliamentary majority, Interfax reported. Such a proposal was voiced at a meeting between the majority coordination council and Yushchenko and Tyhypko the previous day. Tyhypko added that parliamentary caucuses have made no specific proposals about candidates for cabinet posts. JM

TWO RUKH FACTIONS QUARREL OVER KYIV HEADQUARTERS. Activists of the Popular Rukh of Ukraine, led by Hennadiy Udovenko, seized on 21 March the Rukh headquarters in Kyiv, which until now have been used by the Ukrainian Popular Rukh, led by Yuriy Kostenko, Interfax reported. According to Oleh Sheremet, who took part in that action, the move was part of a week-long "nationwide commemoration" in honor of Vyacheslav Chornovil, Rukh's former leader who died in an accident last year. Udovenko said he hopes that the action will be "the first step toward creating a joint coalition" with the Kostenko faction. Kostenko, for his part, commented that the action is part of the broader fight against "the national idea, the national government, headed by Viktor Yushchenko, and the national parties." JM