UKRAINIAN PREMIER UPBEAT ON RESUMPTION OF IMF LOANS. Viktor Yushchenko on 4 May expressed his belief that Ukraine and the IMF will find a compromise on resuming IMF loans, Interfax reported. Yushchenko suggested that this year, Ukraine might obtain $800 million from the fund. "We do not idealize Ukraine's moves, but we think that Ukraine has performed at a good level, which is enough to have a positive dialogue with the IMF," AP quoted Yushchenko as saying. The Ukrainian premier will visit Washington from 7-10 May. He plans to meet with IMF and World Bank officials, representatives of the U.S. administration, bankers, businessmen, and politicians. The IMF froze its $2.6 billion loan program for Ukraine in September 1999, charging the government with insufficient reforms and weak governance. Ukraine obtained $965 million from the IMF before the program was halted. JM