CRIMEAN SPEAKER URGES OUSTER OF CRIMEAN PREMIER. Leonid Hrach, the leader of Crimea's Communist Party and parliamentary speaker, wants Crimean Premier Serhiy Kunitsyn to quit his post, Interfax reported on 20 September. The Crimean legislature passed a resolution in May to oust Kunitsyn's cabinet (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 25 May 2000). Hrach said that next week he will submit to President Leonid Kuchma a motion on dismissing Kunitsyn. Seven Communist ministers resigned from the peninsula's coalition cabinet earlier this week in a move widely seen as Hrach's bringing pressure to bear on Kyiv to expedite Kunitsyn's ouster. Kuchma said the previous day that he sees no reason "to change [Crimea's] government and parliament under the current...[political] balance" in the autonomous republic. JM

OSCE DENIES TRANSDNIESTER MEETING CANCELED. In a letter received by Infotag on 20 September, the OSCE denied that a meeting in Vienna on the settlement of the Transdniester conflict has been canceled owing to the refusal of the Transdniester delegation to accept Moldova's conditions for its participation in the gathering (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 19 September 2000). The OSCE says no such meeting had been scheduled for this week, although preparations are under way for a gathering involving both sides in the conflict, Russian and Ukrainian mediators, and the OSCE. MS

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