UKRAINIAN LEFTISTS CELEBRATE REVOLUTION, PROTEST ECONOMIC PLIGHT. Ukrainian leftists held rallies across Ukraine on 7 November to celebrate the anniversary of the October Revolution and protest the government's policies in the socio-economic sphere. According to estimates by Interfax, 2,500 people demonstrated in Kyiv, 3,500 in Kharkiv, 1,500 in Dnipropetrovsk, 3,000 in Simferopol, 4,000 in Sevastopol, 1,000 in Luhansk, and 2,000 in Mykolayiv. Police said there were no incidents during the rallies, adding that attendance was "much lower" than last year. The Kyiv demonstration, which was attended by Communist leader Petro Symonenko and Socialist leader Oleksandr Moroz, demanded that the government establish fixed prices for utilities and foodstuffs, set the minimum wage at a level no lower than the subsistence minimum, and re-establish the October Revolution anniversary as a public holiday. JM