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UKRAINIAN SECURITY SERVICE REVEALS PROPERTY TRANSFERRED TO RELATIVE OF CONSTITUTIONAL COURT JUDGE... The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) announced on April 16 it has established that $12 million in property was transferred to an unemployed close relative of Judge Syuzanna Stanik, the deputy head of the Constitutional Court, Interfax reported. "It has been established that one of the close relatives of the judge purchased during the past year land plots in Kyiv, Yalta, nonresidential premises in Kyiv, Lviv, Yalta, and expensive cars," SBU acting head Valentyn Nalyvaychenko told reporters. According to the SBU, a joint venture operating on the gas and oil market transferred 500 square meters of property in downtown Kyiv to the same relative of the judge. Nalyvaychenko said the SBU is looking into "why and how property [and] real estate worth almost $12 million was transferred to a close relative who has not worked for a long time." Judge Stanik denied on April 16 the SBU accusations, Interfax reported the same day. Stanik described reports on property transfers to her relative as "a plot to disrupt a meeting of the Constitutional Court," which is scheduled to examine the constitutionality of the presidential decree dissolving parliament. Stanik also accused SBU acting head Nalyvaychenko of violating in his statement the Ukrainian Constitution and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. "The Ukrainian president has already drawn up, or perhaps, signed his decree on my resignation," Stanik said in a statement. AM

UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT URGES LAW ENFORCERS TO IMPLEMENT DECREE DISSOLVING PARLIAMENT. President Viktor Yushchenko met on April 16 in Kyiv with the heads of law enforcement agencies and called on them to implement systematically his decrees, in particular the one dissolving the Verkhovna Rada, Interfax reported. "Don't waste time. The president has endorsed the decree. I expect you to implement that decree efficiently. It is your function to demonstrate to [Ukraine's] 48 million citizens that the law works in Ukraine and that the fundamental human right to vote will be realized," Yushchenko said. Yushchenko also asked the Prosecutor-General's Office to formulate a clear-cut position on decisions by some regional councils to formally reject his decree dissolving the parliament. AM