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ukraine-related news stories from RFE

UKRAINE, HUNGARY SIGN DECLARATION ON JOINT MEMORIALS. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and his Hungarian counterpart, Laszlo Solyom, have signed a declaration on joint memorials for victims of earlier regimes, Interfax reported on July 10. During an official visit to Hungary, Yushchenko presented Solyom with a list of Hungarian citizens arrested during the suppression of the 1956 Hungarian uprising and deported to Soviet prisons in Ukraine. Yushchenko also gave Solyom declassified documents on the grave sites of prisoners of war, foreigners interned in Ukraine, and slain soldiers. The documents contain data on 18 grave sites and the names of 1,184 deceased. Yushchenko described the signing of the agreement as "another page in joint [Ukrainian-Hungarian] history," adding that the next step should be the construction of a monument on the grave site of 277 Hungarians in Bryanka, in Ukraine's Luhansk Oblast. AM

UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT ANNOUNCES REVIEW OF RENT FOR RUSSIAN FLEET. President Yushchenko has said that the rent paid by the Russian Black Sea Fleet deployed in Ukraine's Crimea region will gradually be reviewed, Interfax reported on July 10. "There is no doubt that the cost of the fleet's presence will change, because it is connected with other factors influencing the final price," Yushchenko said. He added that Ukrainian policy regarding the Russian fleet's presence in Crimea should be addressed soon. "The goal of a specially created commission is to start talks and draw up an action plan for this and next year. This topic is delicate, but it should be settled," Yushchenko said, but provided no details on possible new conditions of the fleet deployment. Under the terms of a 1997 Russian-Ukrainian agreement, Russia pays $97 million annually for the naval base in Crimea. AM

UKRAINE, RUSSIA LIFT TRAVEL BAN ON BLACKLISTED INDIVIDUALS. Ukraine's Security Service and Foreign Ministry announced on July 6 that Ukraine has lifted a travel ban on a number of Russian citizens "whose activity was associated with encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine and incitement of ethnic enmity," Interfax reported on July 9. The Russian Foreign Ministry on July 10 took a similar step, lifting a travel ban for Ukrainian citizens earlier declared personae non grata. Both countries' decisions do not apply to people suspected of terrorism or criminal offenses. In January 2006, Ukrainian border guards expelled Russian political analyst Kiryll Frolov from Crimea, and in February 2007, the Russian border service at the St. Petersburg airport barred Ukrainian lawmaker Petro Poroshenko from entering Russia. The incidents have prompted speculation that both Ukraine and Russia maintain lists of unwanted foreigners. AM