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The Taras Shevchenko Museum mission is to popularize the life and work of the Bard of Ukraine, Ukrainian culture and the contribution of Canadians of Ukrainian descent to the social, economic and cultural life of Canada.

The Museum exhibits are dedicated to the art, life and literary legacy of the founder of the modern Ukrainian language Taras Shevchenko, who has twice been celebrated as a cultural leader of world acclaim by UNESCO.

Taras Shevchenko, Ukraine's greatest poet, artist and champion of his people's freedom was born a serf in the village of Moryntsi, Ukraine. Though orphaned by the age of 11, his talents developed early.

While studying art in St. Petersburg, he became known to the democratic intellectual elite of Tsarist Russian society and was bought out of serfdom through their efforts. Although free, he never forgot his roots and his fiery poetry, such as in the Kobzar, published in 1840, drew the ire of the repressive Tsarist regime. For this, he was exiled in 1847 to punitive military service in the eastern regions of the Empire. After receiving a pardon in 1857, he continued to work and struggle until his death.

Taras Shevchenko
March 9, 1814 - March 10, 1861

The Kule Folklore Centre and the Taras Shevchenko Museum Unveil a New Exhibit

Courtship, Companionship, and Family in the Ukrainian Canadian Community

February 10 - March 29, 2019
Wine and Cheese Reception: Sunday, February 10, 2:30 - 5:30 PM

Taras Shevchenko Museum - 1614 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M6P 1A7

Love, courtship and family are essential parts of every culture and every community. Each love story, however, is unique.

For Ukrainians in Canada, the search for love manifested itself in many different ways. Some chose to leave their loved ones – wives and fiancées – in the Old Country, so that they could build a new life in Canada and earn enough money to later reunite with family. Others, including eligible bachelors from the Ukrainian Canadian community, wrote back home in search of prospective wives in Ukraine. And eligible young Ukrainian women, who dreamed of immigrating to Canada, often forwarded their photographs to family and friends, hoping to find a suitor in the New World. Through all these trials and tribulations, affection, courtship and companionship was most often communicated by mail. Private correspondence played an important role in the lives of Ukrainian Canadians, as well as the post office itself.

This exhibit explores love and courtship culture as it was shaping up in the Ukrainian Canadian community. Through actual letters, memoirs, family photographs, and various publications, we learn how personal relationships evolved, and how this new culture flourished in both urban and rural environments.  We also explore this new cultural phenomenon by showcasing “how-to” Ukrainian publications, such as “How to Write Letters” that was published in Winnipeg, as well as real and satirical fictional letters that were published in newspapers. The story of the first Ukrainian post master and the first Ukrainian post office in Wostok, AB, brings it all together by touching upon the role of Canada Post as an institution which sparked the beginning of many romantic relationships while also shaping Ukrainian identity in Canada.

Love Letters from the Past is touring across Canada in 2018/19. It is trilingual – written in English, Ukrainian, and French, and will appeal to a multi-generational audience.

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A major Shevchenko book was published by the Taras Shevchenko Museum in Toronto. It celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great poet Taras Shevchenko on March 9, 2014. The project, started in 2010, resulted in a book with a selection of fifty poems in Ukrainian, English and French.

Canada has created more Shevchenkiana than any other English speaking country. Translators include C.H. Andrusyshen & W. Kirkconnell, A.J. Hunter, John Weir, Honore Ewach, Florence Randal Livesay, and Mary Skrypnyk, Also the scholarly works on Shevchenko by Prof. George Luckyj of the University of Toronto are a valuable resource in English. The book KOBZAR (Minstrel in Ukrainian), will be a hard bound deluxe edition with gold stamping. Among the poems included are Dumy Moyi, Hamaliya, Dumka, Subotiv and Ivan Pidkova. A facsimile of Zapovit (Testimony), a great Shevchenko poem translated into almost 150 languages of the world, will be included.

Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861) established the beauty of the modern Ukrainian literary language. Shevchenko was not only a genius as a poet; he was also a talented artist who painted portraits as his profession. The book includeS 16 color pages of paintings by Shevchenko including his self-portraits.

Hard cover, 231 pages. Price: $40.00

To order please call (416) 534-8662 or email: shevchenkomuseum@bellnet.ca


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Shevchenko Museum is presented on UkeTube.

A short video tour - introduction to the Shevchenko Museum in both Ukrainian and English languages, as well as a slide show of the Taras Shevchenko monuments around the world are available on UkeTube - Ukrainian Video. Video was prepared by William Szuch.

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"First Wave of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada, 1891 - 1914"
Taras Shevchenko Museum's Project on virtualmuseum.ca

Taras Shevchenko Museum's Community Memories project, that was done in conjunction with Virtual Museums Canada is successfully completed. "First Wave of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada, 1891 - 1914" is now on the Virtual Museums Canada website. You can find it here.

The exhibit contains stories of first Ukrainian settlers to Canada. The exhibit also includes visual materials, like photos, brochure covers and flyers which is especially helpful for students who write projects on Ukrainian immigration to Canada. This virtual exhibit is also useful for children, teachers, scholars, educators and community workers.

See the exhibit....

Prints of Taras Shevchenko Watercolours are Available

Prints of Taras Shevchenko's watercolours are available at the Shevchenko Museum. These exclusive quality prints would be an excellent gift for Shevchenko art lovers. Prints are not framed. Delivery is possible. To see the prints.

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The son of a serf, Shevchenko became not only an artist and academician of Saint-Petersburg Academy of Art, but one of the most versatile people of 19th century. His paintings and graphics reflect a refined world that did not resemble his own life...(more)

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