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Shevchenko Museum at Queen's Park

The Taras Shevchenko Museum had a display in the Ontario Parliament Community Exhibition. This is the fourth time that the Museum is participating in this event, and the presentation this year is devoted to Ukrainian folk decorative art, which is a unique phenomenon of national culture.
The centre of the presentation is the upper part of a traditional ceremonial Ukrainian women's costume. Women's straw shoes are also included as part of the outfit. A beautiful hand-painted decorative plate and a carved figure of a shepherd with trembita represent Ukrainian woodwork.
Traditional clay figurines are shown as samples of clay crockery. The western-Ukrainian art of weaving is represented by a colourful folk-style woven carrying bag. The presentation of the Ukrainian decorative art embroidered "rushnyk" (towel), and a typical Easter egg completes this beautiful display.
Visitors will have an opportunity to enter the beautiful world of Ukrainian folk art that shows the life of the nation, its wealth, level of culture, creativity, energy and capabilities. Hopefully they will be inspired to learn more about Ukraine's rich history and culture.


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