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British Columbia Provincial Council 






Ukrainian Canadian Congress - BC Provincial Council

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is a non-profit organization which represents and speaks for the vast majority of Canadians of Ukrainian ancestry. It consists of provincial and local councils which represent cultural, educational, and religious groups in their respective areas.
     There are six provincial councils - Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. National headquarters are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where UCC was first formed in 1940.
     The British Columbia Provincial Council (UCC-BC) consists of two local branches - Vancouver and Vernon. Each local council in turn consists of member organizations such as cultural and educational societies, Ukrainian schools, performing and visual arts groups, and others.
     Officially founded in 1990 at the province-wide conference Building the Future: Ukrainians in BC, UCC-BC received a clear
mandate which is reflected in its ongoing goals and objectives. Since its inception, UCC-BC has co-ordinated events such as the Ukrainian Centennial Days celebrations at the world-famous Plaza of Nations in Vancouver, the Ukrainian Showcase Pavilion at the 1992 Pacific National Exhibition, and Ukrainian Showcase 2000 at the Plaza of Nations in August 2000. UCC-BC also launched the community newsletter, Contact, in 1991 and supports radio and television broadcasting in BC.

Board of Directors

President: Anatoli Ciacka
Vice-President: Adam Kozak

2nd Vice-President: Roman Chez
Secretary: Myroslav Petriw
Treasurer: Amelia Chucko
Past President: Audrey Sojonky

Nominating Committee:
John Tymchuk
Julia Stashuk
George Brandak

Audit Committee:
Peter Chyrski
Walter Pylypchuk
John Tymchuk

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Local Branches

President: Jarema Kowalchuk

President: Roman Chez

Ukrainian Canadian Congress
National Headquarters

Ste. 647 - 167 Lombard Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0V3 CANADA
Tel: (204) 942-4627

The Mandate of UCC-BC
Emanating from the province-wide conference Building the Future - Ukrainians in BC


  • to publish the quarterly newsletter Contact
  • to produce the television program Echoes of Ukraine, and videocassettes for sale to the public, such as the highly popular five-part series The Ukrainian Experience
  • to support Ukrainian radio programming
  • to establish a presence on the Internet

Office/Referral Centre

  • to refer callers to various Ukrainian community organizations and businesses
  • to respond to information requests by the media and government agencies about Ukraine and the Ukrainian community in BC and Canada
  • to provide information to public school teachers and students
  • to coordinate the flow of information and correspondence among member organizations

Arts & Culture

  • to support the BC Ukrainian Arts Council in organizing Ukrainian cultural events in BC
  • to support the BC Ukrainian Dance Association, which officially represents over 20 Ukrainian dance groups in B.C.


  • to support the Ukrainian Educational Council of BC in promoting the study of  Ukrainian language and culture in BC

Youth Leadership

  • to provide youth with a voice in the community and opportunities for leadership development

The Goals of UCC-BC

  • to develop and maintain programs and services to meet the needs of the Ukrainian Canadian community in BC

  • to foster unity, cohesion and cooperation among member organizations of UCC-BC

  • to protect, enhance and promote the unique cultural identity of Ukrainian Canadians as an integral element of Canada's cultural mosaic

  • to advance better communication, understanding and mutual respect between ethnocultural communities

The Objectives of UCC-BC

  • to establish and support an annual Ukrainian Days festival showcasing Ukrainian talent from around BC

  • to establish an endowment fund to assist Ukrainian organizations throughout BC

  • to develop ongoing fundraising and resource development plans so that all programs are self-sustaining

  • to assist Ukrainian immigrant aid societies

  • to establish an Internet website and maintain electronic links with Ukrainian organizations around BC and the world

  • to develop and maintain a comprehensive Ukrainian Information and Referral Centre

  • to develop a comprehensive community data base and Ukrainian community directory

  • to maintain an infrastructure that supports UCC projects

  • to liaise with other ethnocultural communities