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Press Release

Address by His Excellency Dr. Yuri Scherbak, Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, on the Occasion of the 9th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine

August 24, 2000

Dear compatriots and countrymen,
Members of the Ukrainian Canadian community, Dear friends,

Among all memorable dates of world history, one has the greatest significance to us Ukrainians: the 24th of August 1991, the day the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine proclaimed independence of our country. It is for the first time that we are marking this holiday in the new century, in the new Millennium.

The path toward national rebirth chosen in 1991 defined the destiny of Ukraine whose strategic goal is to integrate into the European Union and become a powerful, democratic, prosperous European country.

The 1999 presidential elections, the second to be won by Leonid Kuchma, have testified to political maturity of the society and the state. The Ukrainian people have once again confirmed their historic choice for independence and sovereignty, for continued course towards reforms, for developing market economy, democracy and the rule of law.

Political pluralism, freedom of speech, freedom of travel, freedom of enterprise, private property on means of production, including land, an increase in number and activity of parties and organisations, and other democratic freedoms have become an organic part of Ukrainian social life, and we are proud of these achievements.

The year 2000 has seen the creation of every prerequisite for overcoming crisis phenomena and drastically improving social and economic situation. Active work by President Kuchma, the Government of reformers headed by Prime Minister Victor Yuschenko, the Verkhovna Rada headed by Speaker Ivan Plusch reveal positive trends in Ukraine which is moving along the course of deep democratic reforms.

Dear friends,

On this holiday I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to everyone who is not indifferent to the destiny of Mother Ukraine, to everyone who by good word and good deed supports the Ukrainian state. This is our holiday, and this is your holiday.

May God bless Ukraine and its progress in the 21st century!

For more information, please contact:
Taras Malyshevskyi, Press Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine
310 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON K2P 0J9
Tel. (613) 230-2961, fax (613) 230-2400,