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Press Release

NATO-UKRAINE Commission at Ambassadorial Level - Meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Tarasyuk,
NATO Headquarters, Brussels, May 19, 1999

May 26, 1999

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The NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC) met today at NATO HQ in Brussels. The Ukrainian side was represented by Foreign Minister Tarasyuk. Members reviewed the first Summit-level meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission held in Washington, D.C. on 24 April 1999 and discussed ways to ensure the implementation of the NUC Declaration issued on that occasion.

They appreciated in particular that the NATO liaison office based with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence in Kyiv is now fully operational, and has begun their work in support of Ukraine's participation in PfP as well as the development of NATO-Ukraine cooperation in general. Members of the Commission were pleased to also note the recent appointment of a new Director for the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine. They agreed that the provision of objective and complete information to the Ukrainian public about NATO's role as a factor of stability and security in Europe is a common goal of outstanding importance.

As a country that experienced for itself the tragedy of nuclear disaster, Ukraine understands the concern of the world community for the continued exploitation of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. With this in mind, Ukraine made a difficult political decision to close down the Plant by the year 2000 on condition of receiving adequate and timely financial and technical assistance.

Foreign Minister Tarasyuk stressed Ukraine's commitment to strengthen the NATO-Ukraine partnership and to pursue its strategic goal of integration in European and Euro-Atlantic structures. He reiterated the determination of his country to pursue its efforts to implement political, economic and defence reforms.

Members of the Commission also discussed the situation in Kosovo and its implications for the stability in the region and in Europe. They shared their concern about the ongoing conflict and strongly supported a political solution based on the demands of the international community as recently formulated at the meeting of the G8 Foreign Ministers on 6 May 1999.

NATO Ambassadors highly appreciated Ukraine's contribution to the NATO-led peacekeeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They welcomed Ukraine's untiring efforts in the search for a peaceful settlement of the Kosovo crisis and looked forward to a Ukrainian participation in an international civil and security presence in Kosovo.

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