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Press Release

Joint Declaration of the Presidents of the Central European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine) -- May 15, 1999, Lviv, Ukraine

May 26, 1999

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We, the Presidents of the Central European countries, strongly condemn the systematic terror in Kosovo, cruelties against children, rapes, robberies, and expulsions which are used as the means for ethnic cleansing.

We express our sorrow for the victims and the sufferings of innocent civilians in the whole of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

We welcome all international contributions to bring this grave crisis to a quick end. We call on the government in Belgrade to undertake the commitments which the international community demands as a precondition for a peaceful solution and which have been called for, in particular by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the G8 countries in their statement of 6 May, 1999.

We attach special importance to the United Nations Security Council in resolving the Kosovo crisis in cooperation with other relevant international organizations.

The countries bordering the area of conflict are exposed to severe burdens because of the recent developments. We recognise the contribution made by these countries to alleviate human suffering. Extraordinary work has been done by international relief agencies, especially the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

We must not limit ourselves to coping with the short-term aspects of the crisis. Lasting peace in South-Eastern Europe will only be possible if a future of democracy, civil society, prosperity, and security is offered to this region. A high-level conference on South-Eastern Europe should elaborate a Stability Pact, including a comprehensive strategy for the stabilisation of the entire region through economic reconstruction, the promotion of democracy, and the inclusion in the European integration and the Euro-Atlantic structures.

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