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Press Release

Statement of the Press Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

May 28, 1999

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On May 27 the UN International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia announced the indictment and issued an arrest warrant for Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and four other senior FRY officials.

This decision lies within the jurisdiction of the International Tribunal that was established by the UN Security Council in 1993.

The indictment by this judicial body authorised by the UN testifies that mass violations of human rights, including murders, tortures, deportations, persecution for political, religious and ethnic reasons are unacceptable to international community.

Position of Ukraine on the situation around Kosovo is based on respect for the principles of international law and lies in inadmissibility of ethnic cleansing and other violant actions against civilian population, which by their scope turn into a humanitarian disaster. Ukraine believes that the crisis should be resolved by peaceful means, through ensuring territorial integrity of the FRY and granting a wide autonomy for Kosovo. A solution can be reached through immediate cessation of military actions and taking effective measures toward peaceful settlement of the conflict by diplomatic and political means.

Ukraine confirms its readiness and determination to continue its efforts for the sake of the soonest possible restoration of peace and stability in the region. We hope that the decision of the International Tribunal will not inhibit diplomatic efforts to break a deadlock of the Kosovo crisis.

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