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Press Release

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on Kosovo

June 10, 1999

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"On June 10, 1999, the Security Council of the United Nations approved a long-awaited-for resolution on the political settlement of the Kosovo crisis. Ukraine has not merely welcomed this decision, but it has become one of its cosponsors. The practical implementation of the resolution should eradicate the consequences of the appalling humanitarian catastrophe, provide the return of refugees and displaced persons to Kosovo, while ensuring sovereignty and territorial integrity of the FRY and broad autonomy for Kosovo. Implementation of the resolution will be guaranteed by the international military and civil security forces acting under the auspices of the United Nations and with the consent of the FRY. There are all reasons to believe that peace will finally return to the Balkans.

The adoption of the resolution by the UN Security Council has become possible as a result of unrelenting efforts of many countries that wished to put an end to this dangerous crisis. Ukraine, in particular, undertook continuous efforts to settle the crisis by peaceful means. It had actively participated in the OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission. As early as on March 27, that is during the first days of the airstrikes, the President of Ukraine put forward a plan of peaceful settlement. Most of its provisions coincided with those of the G-8 Peace Plan accepted by the FRY authorities, as well as with the provisions of the UN Security Council resolution.

Ukraine reiterates its readiness to take part both in the operations of the international security forces and in the international civilian activities in Kosovo to ensure full implementation of the achieved agreements and ultimate settlement of the Yugoslav crisis under the auspices of the international community and in compliance with the resolution of the UN Security Council."

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