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Press Release

Ukraine Becomes Non-Permanent Member of UN Security Council

October 18, 1999

The United Nations on 14 October voted in favor of Ukraine's becoming a non-permanent member of its Security Council in 2000-2001, effective 1 January 2000. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk commented the next day that the election is proof of Ukraine's "balanced" foreign policy linked with President Leonid Kuchma.

Borys Tarasiuk described Ukraine's election to the UN Security Council as a significant event and a victory for Ukrainian diplomacy and the entire country. According to Mr. Tarasiuk, Ukraine's election was in recognition of the influence, soundness, and consistency of its foreign policy. He disclosed that 158 countries voted in favor of Ukraine's membership of the "elite club of 15 countries" that are members of the Security Council.

According to Mr. Tarasiuk, Ukraine's sees its main task as a non-permanent member of the Security Council as enhancing the role of the Security Council in resolving important international issues, increasing its involvement in resolving conflicts in various parts of the world, better use of the United Nations' instruments for this purpose, increasing the Security Council's attention to humanitarian problems, particularly in African countries.

Ukraine was one of five countries elected to two-year terms on the Security Council, together with Bangladesh, Tunisia, Mali and Jamaica. The elections were held to fill non-permanent seats being vacated on 31 December by Bahrain, Brazil, Gabon, Gambia and Slovenia. Five non-permanent Security Council members which will serve for another year, until 31 December 2000, include Argentina, Canada, Malaysia, Namibia and the Netherlands.

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