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Press Release

Official Results of the Presidential Elections in Ukraine

November 23, 1999

The Central Election Commission of Ukraine released the official results of the second round of the elections of the President of Ukraine.

According to the information received from the Commission, Leonid Kuchma, the incumbent President of Ukraine, has won the elections with 15,870,722 (56,25%) votes in favor while his opponent Petro Symonenko secured 10,665,420 (37,80%) votes. 970,181 (3,44%) voters did not support either of the candidates. Out of 37,680,581 registered voters, 28,212,484 (74,87%) voted.

Leonid Kuchma has won five more years in office and will be sworn in on November 30. According to the Ukrainian Constitution, the President of Ukraine takes power after swearing an oath of loyalty to the Ukrainian people during inauguration ceremonies. After his inauguration Mr. Kuchma is due to present his candidature of the new Prime Minister to the Verkhovna Rada, Parliament of Ukraine.

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