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"Zolotaya Nota" International Television Children and Youth Festival of Arts

Ukraine, Odesa 6012, B. Arnautskaya Str.15, office 65.
Tel/ fax: (38-0482) 25-15-69, 25-83-79,728-70-64, 728-70-67,37-33-86,37-33-91.

Regulation of the Festival:

Festival of Arts is carried out under the patronage of Odesa City Administration, Odesa Regional Administration, with the support of Odesa Representation of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, The Department for Foreign relations of Odesa Region, Executive Committee of Odesa City Council Administration of Youth politics, family and tourism, with the support of State Television-Ut-2 channel and State channel of Odesa-RIAK.

The date of carrying out: The Festival is carrying out from 28th of March till 6th of April 2002 in one of the best cities-health resorts of Ukraine, which is situated on the Black Sea seaside, city-hero Odesa, with the good conditions for rest, treatment, sport, cultural distraction and excursions.

The goal of the Festival: Popularization and promotion of children’s and youth’s creative work, and strengthening of friendly relationships between children and youth .

The criteria of an appreciation: Selection of repertoire, accompaniment, choreography, execution, vocal qualities, selection and aesthetics of costumes and properties, the general artistic impression, educator’s values .

Participants: children’s-youth choreographic collectives, vocalists, soloist, artistic groups, which represent classical and original genre.

Technical standards:

Organization of the Festival:

The "Organizational Committee" provides participants, managers, accompanying persons, with the accommodation in the best resorts, sanatoriums of Odesa, three meals a day, organizes different excursions and time for rest and fun.

All festival concerts will take place in the best concert halls of Odesa: in the world-known Opera and Ballet House, Odesa Theatre of Musical Comedy, Culture Palace of Mariners and other. All participants take part in the 4 concert programs with one performance item. The performance will be valued by jury, which will choose the best performances for the further participation in the competition " Zolotaya Nota 2002".

Gala-concert will take place in the Odesa Theatre of Musical Comedy, in which pop, music, dance, movies stars will also participate, such as : Philip Kirkorov, Larisa Dolina, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Dmitriy Charatian, Michail Boyarskiy, Oksana Bilozir, and also laureates of Grand-Prix and first award in each of the nomination etc.

The members of festival jury are:

The special prizes are set up:

All participants will obtain diplomas.

Entrance fee to Festival:

Invitation to Festival:

In order to receive an official invitation to the festival, please, call by specified phone numbers and give Your fax number, E-mail or post address, by means of which you will be able to receive an application. You can also use our site (to complete an application form) and to send to our E-mail. Applications for participation in the Festival are accepted in " Organizational committee " not later than 10th of March 2002.Age of participants is 4-22 years old (including).

Invitation for participation in the festival, is send after the application obtaining.

The payment form:

Attention competitors!

In the framework of the festival the competition "Zolotaya Nota 2002" is carried out.

Among the nominations of the competition are:

Age of participants

All participants are divided into 3 age groups:

The members of jury are:

The head of jury is Honored Artist of Russia," Ambassador of Free Will" of UNO, Laureat of many russian and international musical festivals and competitions- Philip Kirkorov

Ukrainian and Russian Pop and Movie Stars:

According to the conditions of the competition, participants of all the genres present 2 competitive items of different character, vocalists perform compositions with the phonogram (-).

Participant’s of competition registration fee:

Fee forms the prize-fund of the competition.

Diplomas, expensive presents and special prizes are also provided.

Laureates of the competition (Grand-prix and First award in each nomination), will take part in Gala-concert, the " Organizational Committee" provides at participant’s service make-up master-Laureate of many international competitions, the winner of the World competition of make-up masters in Paris—Kochanovoy Oksany.

According to recommendations of artistic committee the most bright and distinctive participants will take part in Festivals and concert programs in Turkey, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Moldova, Byelorussia.

Opening-day, Festival, competition, and Gala-concert—will be broadcasting on the central channels of national TV and other channels of different states.



Branch "Zolotaya Nota Production"

Code OKPO MFO 328618

Settlement Account #26 00701636996 in the department of Ukreximbank of Odesa, Ukraine.

Odesa 65012. B. Arnautskaya Str. 15 office 65



Tel/fax: (38 0482) 25-15-69,25-83-79, 728-70-64, 728-70-67, 37-33-86, 37-33-91.

General Manager of the Festival: Vershinina I.S.


"Zolotaya Nota"


Ukraine, Odesa 65 012, B.Arnaytskaya Str. 15,office 65

Tel/ fax:(38- 0482) 25-16-59, 25-83-79, 728-70-67, 37-33-86, 37-33-91,
http:// E-mail:

Application form

For participation in the International Children and Youth Festival

of Arts "Zolotaya Nota-2002"

From 28-th of March till 6-th of April 2002 year.

1.Country, city/region, address: _____________________________________

2. Name and surname of vocalist/ the name of the duet or collective: ________


3.Soloist/ collective present: _______________________________________

(the name of the House of Culture, school, or area)

4.Post address, phone number, fax, e-mail: _______________________________________________________________


(point out country and city code)



(for collective’s minimum and maximum participant’s age , for soloist date of birth)

6. Soloist/collective performs the program:

1)______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


(title, author of the music, text, sound duration, genre)

2)______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


(title, author of music, text, sound duration, genre)

7. Date of the foundation of the collective, main and important achievements:


8.Collective’s manager name and surname: _____________________________

9.Quantity complement of participants: ________________________________


( total amount of participants ,by sex and age)

10.Quantity of adults for accommodation ______________________________


( total amount of people, by sex and age)

11. With the conditions of participation in the Children and Youth Festival of Arts " Zolotaya Nota" was acquainted.

Date <<___>>_______________2002. Signature: ________

For additional information, please contact:
Alla Okomaniuk, Press Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine
310 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON K2P 0J9
Tel. (613) 230-2961, fax (613) 230-2400

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