[LITOPYS UPA: Chronicle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army]
Introduction to the Series

Litopys UPA is a series of books, produced with the aim of publishing source documents and materials relating to the history of the UPA, as well as stimulating and publishing works about the activities of the UPA and, in a more general sense, the history of Ukraine of that period. Each volume or group of volumes of Litopys UPA is devoted to a specific theme and has a separate title. Some of the volumes deal with the history of the UPA in a given period of time or in a given region - for example, in Volyn', in Halychyna, in the regions of Ukraine held by Poland and so on. Two, three, or even more volumes may be devoted to special themes, to memoirs, or to single books by individual authors dealing with particular questions.

The publication of Litopys UPA is not periodic. It depends on the pace at which successive volumes are compiled and prepared for print. The volumes may appear in an order other than one which is based on a planned territorial or chronological principle.

In reprinting documents, we adhere strictly to their sources and preserve the general form, language and orthography of the originals Places in the text where corrections have had to be made, or where the original documents have been damaged or had to be reconstituted, are designated with square brackets, or if necessary provided with explanatory footnotes. Words, explanations, or titles inside the texts that have been added by the editors are indicated in a similar manner.

Other underground materials-memoirs, memoranda, works of publicists and the like-are also reprinted without omissions, but only in exceptional cases are linguistic and orthographic corrections indicated. Reprints are based on original texts. In cases where the original text is not available, the reprint is based on the most reliable copy of a reprint. The sources of all materials used are clearly indicated as in the case of reprinted archival material, their present locations are also given. Each volume is provided with an index of names of persons and places and a glossary listing names that may not be clear, abbreviations and rarely used or incomprehensible words.

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