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The Peter J. Potichnyj Collection on Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Ukraine has been officially opened and is available for use by interested scholars. Carol Moore, Director of the Robarts Library at the University of Toronto, and Robert E. Johnson, Director of the Centre for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Toronto, officially opened the PJP Collection on 18 March 1997 at the Petro Jacyk Slavic and East European Resource Centre of Robarts Library, University of Toronto.

The PJP Collection, as its name implies, contains two large groups of documents: those representing the Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Ukraine and covers the period 1941-1954.

Insurgency in Ukraine

The Insurgency documents fall into six groups, depending on their origin, and relate directly to the Ukrainian Liberation Movement. Most of them are on paper, but some are on film and a large number of these documents are immediately accessible to scholars. A very rough count estimates this group as containing over 100,000 pages of documents.

Counter-Insurgency in Ukraine

The Counter-Insurgency materials are made up of three parts.

The PJP Collection is a unique archival holding of great value that brings together both sides of the story, or Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Ukraine, 1941-1954. I invite all interested scholars to take advantage of this historic collection.

A Preliminary Guide to the Collection
(December 1997)

I. Paper documents.

Boxes 1- 23, 25-35, 126-129, 131-136, 150-155,159-161, 163-166: Private papers, notes, publications, book reviews, university matters, memoirs. (Box 30,students),(Box 31 -32, 39 Papers on EE), (Box 33 various papers in Sociology), (Box 35, various publications from Soviet journals).

Box 34, newspaper clippings on UPA in Western Europe.

Box 35A: Restricted box. To be opened in the year 2035.

Boxes 24, 36-70 (69-70 China): Correspondence.

Boxes 71-76: Soviet archival materials (Osobaia papka Stalina, TsDAHOU, Lviv, Rivne, Drohobych).

Boxes 77-79, 137: Polish archival materials.

Boxes 80-82, 92: Arkhiv Misii UPA (AMUPA).

Boxes 83-91, 93-96, 108-111, 116-121, 123-125: Arkhiv Litopysu UPA (ALUPA).

Boxes 97-107: Arkhiv Obíiednannia Kolyshnikh Voiakiv UPA SShA i Kanady ( Archive OKV UPA).

Boxes 112-115, 122: Arkhiv Tovarystva Kolyshnikh Voiakiv UPA im. Gen. Tarasa Chuprynky v SShA i Kanadi (Archive TKV UPA).

Box 130: German archival materials.

Box 138-141, 144-146: Newspaper clippings "Ukraine Today".

Box 142: Short reports on Ukraine from Foreign Broadcast Information System.

Box 143, 157: Reports by various international press agencies on Ukraine.

Box 147: Memoirs of underground activists.

Box 148: Correspondence of OUN(B) with the Central Leadership in Ukraine.

Box 149: Photos from underground and of Ukr. Lib. Mov. Activists, and Dutch POWs.

Box 156: Informal Newspapers from 1989-90.

Box 162: Stamp Collection PPU ( Pidpilína Poshta Ukrainy-Donated by Mr. S. Golash).

Microfilm. (Microtext)

1. German documents (1941-1945). 100 reels. (D/802/U4P47/1959 mfm)

2. Soviet documents (1944-1954). 428 reels. (DK/508.79/P48/1994 mfm)

3. Ukrainian underground documents from Polish archives (1945-1948). 16 reels. (DK/508/.79/P482/1990 mfm)

4. "Homin Ukrainy" (Echo of Ukraine). 50 reels. (AN/H654 mfm)

III. Publications. (Petro Jacyk Slavic and East European Resource Centre)

1. "Litopys UPA". Volumes 1-25, 27-28 (old series). (DK/508/.79/L56 pjrc). Vol. 1 (new series).

2. Various publications on the Ukrainian underground (Soviet, German, Polish, Czech, Slovak).

IV. Photo and Video.

1. Interviews with Dutch officers liberated by the UPA from the German POW camp. (Box 124).

2. Interview with Mrs. Natalka Osmak, daughter of Kyrylo Osmak, President of UHVR. (Box 124)

3. "Mizh Slavoiu i Smertiu". Montage on the UPA donated by Dr. M. Ripeckyj. (Master copy and 2d videocassette). (Box 124).

4. Copies of pictures from the underground, most of them from the AMUPA collection. (Box 124).

5. A large collection of underground photographs and slides from the late O. Papinko collection. (Box 123).

6. Records of UPA songs by V. Kardash. (Box 109).

7. Magnetic tape (18 reels) of Radio Programme in Winnipeg. (Box 99).

8. Tape recordings of various conferences. (Box 158).

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