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Chornyi Lis: 1947-1950. Reprint of the UPA Underground Journal. Book One. Second edition. Eds. Yevhen Shtendera and Petro J. Potichnyj. Toronto, Litopys UPA, 1978. 272 pp., ISBN 0-920092-05-5, hard cover, illustrations, maps, diagrams.

Second Edition of the First Book of the Collection Chornyi Lis

This is a new edition of the first book of the collection Chornyi lis, which formed the third volume of Litopys UPA, published in 1978. In this and the second book of the collection (Litopys UPA, Vols. 3 and 4), we reprinted the underground UPA journal Chornyi lis, which appeared in Ukraine in 1947 - 1950. The journal was published by the headquarters of the UPA's 22 Military District ( - TV) Stanyslaviv, which had the code name "Chornyi Lis." The first book contained the following issues of the journal Chornyi lis: Vol. 1, Nos. 1-3, from June, August and October, 1947; and Vol. 2, Nos. 1-2 (4-5) and 3-4 (6-7), from January February and March-April, 1948. (The 1948 issues of the journal had double numeration). The book thus included five issues of the journal - seven, according to the numeration of the editors.

We are reissuing this book because the first edition is out of print. Meanwhile, we are constantly attracting new subscribers, who want to order all the volumes of Litopys UPA. In particular, major research libraries seek to have full sets of the volumes of Litopys UPA for their collections.

We are calling this edition of the book an amended edition. We would like to point out, however, that no amendations have been made to the journal, Chornyi lis, itself; there, we have only corrected a few printer's errors. In fact, we are reprinting the whole volume without changes, except in the illustrations, where some corrections or additions have been made to captions and to diagrams showing the organizational structure of the UPA. Thus, the corrections that have been made are in the editorial addenda. The information provided by the editors in the first edition of the volume contained some incorrect information, in particular, in the data pertaining to the organizational structure of the UPA on the territory of the UPA's 4 Military Region (group): "Hoverlia." These inaccuracies need to be corrected or clarified, as we shall explain in this introduction.

The first inaccuracy pertains. to the journal, Chornyi lis, itself. In our original introduction to this volume we stated that we had not succeeded in locating one issue of the journal - No. I (10) from July, 1949, but had only a copy of it. [1] However, while the second book of Chornyi lis was being printed we found the missing original of that issue of the journal in the Archives of the ZP UHVIT (Foreign Representation of the Supreme Ukrainian Liberation Council). It bore the following numeration: Vol. 3, No. I (10), July, 1949 (it should have been numbered I (12), for according to the previous system of numeration, eleven issues of the journal had already appeared). We discussed this matter in the introduction to the second book of the Chornyi lis collection[2]

In our introduction to the first edition of the first book, we stated that the territory of the UPA's 22 TV Stanyslaviv extended over half of the Stanyslaviv (now Ivano-Frankivs'k) province (oblast), and that the UPA's 4 Military Region (Voienna Okruha - VO) "Hoverlia" encompassed approximately the territory of the Stanyslaviv province (see map on the inside cover and the introduction, pp. 12ff). [3] However, this information has proved to be incorrect. Our data was taken from underground materials that were published in the journal Chornyi lis and from emigre writings that had appeared up to that time about the organization of the UPA. We have in mind in particular the article by Ivan Butkovskyi, "Organizational Structure of the UPA,"[4], on which other authors later based their writings. However, that article described the situation as it had existed during the German occupation. Further research through underground documents and materials showed that after the reorganization of 1944-45, the UPA's 4 VO "Hoverlia" became significantly larger.[5] It encompassed the territory of the underground Carpathian krai. The boundaries of the Carpathian krai were, on the north the River Dnister, and on the south, east and west, the borders of the USSR. At that time, "Hoverlia" encompassed six UPA TVs, numbered 20-25: Bukovyna, Kolomyia, Stanyslaviv, Kalush, Drohobych and Transcarpathia; all of these TVs had code names as well. Thus, the VO "Hoverlia" cannot be termed that of Stanyslaviv (as it had been under German occupation), but rather, Carpathian. As for the 22 TV Stanyslaviv - "Chornyi Lis," it covered only one- third of the Stanyslaviv province. Its territory was equivalent to that of the underground Stanyslaviv region (okruha), which contained three megadistricts (nadraion) - those of Nadvirna, Stanyslaviv and Tovmach. Each megadistrict contained four districts or twelve in total - those of Nadvirna, Solotvyna, Lanchyn, Iaremche, Stanyslaviv, Bohorodchany, Lysets', Halych, Tovmach, Otynia, Tys'menytsia and Iezupil' (Zhovten').

The approximate boundaries of the 22 TV Stanyslaviv - "Chornyi Lis" are shown on the new map that we are including on the inside covers of this volume. In the ZP UHVR Archives there is a large underground map of the Stanyslaviv province, on which are marked the exact boundaries of the 21 TV Kolomyia - "Hutsul'shchyna," 22 TV Stanyslaviv - "Chornyi Lis" and 23 TV Kalush - "Magura".

The information on the basis of which we have corrected or clarified the diagram of the organizational structure of the UPA's 22 TV Stanyslaviv and its battalions came from Petro Sodol. He is preparing for publications two Litopys UPA volumes of documents and materials about the UPA's 4 Carpathian VO "Hoverlia," which will contain much additional material pertaining to the UPA's 22 TV Stanyslaviv - "Chornyi Lis". These volumes will go to print in the near future.

The editors wish to thank Petro Sodol for his corrections and additions to the diagrams, Nadia Shtendera for the new map of the UPA's 22 TV Stanyslaviv - "Chornyi Lis," Zonia Keywan for doing the translation into English and Antin Ivakhniuk for editing our texts.

The Editors of Litopys UPA

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5. More information about the reorganization of the UPA in 1944-45 is provided by Petro Sodol in his article "Orhanizatsiina struktura UPA" ("Organizational structure of the UPA"), Suchasnist, Vol. 23, Nos. 1-2, pp. 162-167.


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