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InfoUkes Celebrates First Anniversary in Operation

For Immediate Release: Toronto - April 30th, 1998.

InfoUkes Inc. invites you to take a look at their highly successful web site

InfoUkes has been officially on-line since April 16th, 1997. It was the successor site to the well known Ukes Internet site.

InfoUkes is an Internet Information Resource about Ukraine and Ukrainians around the world. Some important characteristics of the site:

  • targetted to serve Ukrainians in both the diaspora and in Ukraine, as well as others interested in Ukrainian matters.
  • avoids the inherent bias of some traditional media
  • accessable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from around the world
  • multimedia presentation
  • InfoUkes is the largest such resource in the Diaspora, approximately 7-10 times larger than the next largest site. As of April 1st, InfoUkes has in excess of 30,072 web pages and over 600 Megabytes of material online.

    For the month of March 1998, the average daily access statistics are:

    Requests: 31,000 files/day
    Bytes transferred: 225 MegaBytes/day
    Web Viewing: 12,000 pages/day

    This is the equivalent of a single web page being viewed every 7.3 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The average growth rate for access to the InfoUkes site is at the phenominal rate of 13% per month.

    It can be simply stated that InfoUkes acts as a magnet for people looking for materials about Ukraine and/or Ukrainians. It is the best known, and most heavilly used such resource on the Internet. It includes materials ranging from History, Politics, Culture, Organizations, News, Maps, Heritage, Genealogy, Religion, Technology, Software, Education, Sports and Travel.

    InfoUkes has received coverage in traditional media including Ukrainian magazines, radio and television. Some examples include: FORUM, A Ukrainian Review (Issue No. 97, Fall 1997), UCPBA of Toronto ONLINE newsletter (April 1997, 62nd Year, Number 4) and Chicago Ukrainian radio program interviews.

    Ukrainian Canadian Congress (British Columbia) Newsletter Contact is presently preparing a story about our site. We have also been the object of two Svitohliad Ukrainian TV Program stories, one in February 1996 and the other in January 1998.

    Both Cable channels, the History Television in Canada and The History Channel in the United States have made InfoUkes an Approved and/or Recommended Internet site, recognizing the high quality of materials in the InfoUkes Ukrainian History section of the web site.

    InfoUkes has been successful in being used as a resource for public schools looking for information about Ukraine and Ukrainians. The site is often accessed by Canadian SchoolNet and American K-12 Educational resource networks. These are the Internet infrastructures that connect public schools in North America. We have also been accessed by students from Mexico, Brazil, and various other countries in Europe, including (of course) Ukraine. A new program recently launched by InfoUkes provides free web space to public schools in Ukraine. Any student classes wishing to put up information on the World Wide Web about their school, their community, their city or any other topic of general interest can contact InfoUkes about arranging for space on the server. Is this an exciting, creative, innovative, progressive, and educational initiative? We think so.

    InfoUkes has been used by various government agencies, corporations, mainstream media (newspapers and television networks) as a resource. It has also been used by members of government such as the Parliament of Canada, the Privy Council Office, the Executive Office of the President of the United States and other representatives of various other governments inside and outside of North America.

    InfoUkes is constantly looking for businesses and organizations that wish to reach this niche market of people interested in Ukraine and/or Ukrainians. The InfoUkes personnel have in excess of 70 man-years combined experience with the Internet. InfoUkes was also the first Internet based resource. It can trace it's beginnings to Fall 1991 as the first Ukrainian List Server on the Internet.

    In addition to the web site, InfoUkes also provides electronic mailing list forums where individuals who sign-on can make inquiries, voice concerns and discuss issues related to Ukraine, Ukrainians and people of Ukrainian heritage. This electronic global village (or "selo" in Ukrainian) is open to anyone. At present there is over 15 such discussion lists residing on InfoUkes.

    InfoUkes has also implemented a Ukrainian search engine that catalogs major North American based sites. It is a major resource that is updated on a monthly basis. The InfoUkes web site itself is mapped out with the powerful search engine, and is updated on a weekly basis.

    InfoUkes was founded by a group of six Canadian and US professionals of Ukrainian descent who are active on the internet.

    To help defray the cost of the hardware and internet connection, InfoUkes Inc. seeks sponsors who wish to advertise on the web pages. The site should be of special interest to businesses wishing to reach the Ukrainian community in North America. InfoUkes Inc. also offers internet services such as private list servers, web page hosting and design, and other related services to organizations and businesses.

    If you find this site and the information on it useful and would like to help maintain and expand this service, consider advertising on the InfoUkes website or sponsoring a particular service.

    We also welcome ideas and contribution of material to be published on this site.

    For more information, feel free to contact us at:

    InfoUkes Inc.
    Suite 185, 3044 Bloor Street West
    Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M8X 2Y8
    General e-mail:


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