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This page provides links to materials about Ukrainian Easter Eggs (i.e. Pysanky) available on the Internet. There is an abundance of materials from Photo Galleries of Eggs; to shops specializing in the sale of Pysanky; to tutorials on how to create one's own Pysanky; to treatises on the historical, cultural, & religious significance of Pysanky.

Pysanky predate Christianity and have seem to originated on the present day territories of Ukraine several thousand years ago. Pysanky are generally hand made in the form of either of painted eggs or carved wooden eggs. The painting of eggs relies on a wax and dye process. Intricate designs are painted on the egg itself. Once completed, a small hole is drilled on the top and bottom of the egg and the yolk is blown out. Final process usually involveds the addition of a varnish coating on the egg.

Yaroslav Vasyl Kokodyniak

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