Zabavas (dances)   The only website with the sole purpose of promoting Ukrainian dances, festivals, dinners, theatrical performances, etc.

Horilka (Vodka)

   Horilka   Michael Burianyk's excellent Horilka web page, featuring products from Ukraine and elsewhere.

   First Guild Vodka    FIRST GUILD is produced in Kyiv, Ukraine from 100% wheat grains and artesian spring water It is triple-distilled and filtered through charcoal, peach stones and sand several times. Currently available in Ontario in selected LCBO stores are the FIRST GUILD PREMIUM VODKA (CSPC +554410 $20.95) FIRST GUILD PEPPER VODKA (CSPC +579904 $22.95) and FIRST GUILD LEMON VODKA (CSPC +579912 $22.95).

   Perlova Vodka   Good Lvivska horilka available in Canada at the local liquor store.

   SOOMSKAYA RIABINOVAYA   Ashberry Flavored Vodka of Ukraine
From Sumska oblast, available in some U.S. locations.

   Goldenbarr Cholcolate Vodka   The world's first chocolate vodka, imported from Ukraine.

   Inferno Pepper Pot Vodka   The best horilka for Caesar's! Made in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada (where a lot of good Ukrainians live) by Kittling Ridge, who also make an excellent brandy and slivovica (plum liqueur).

Pyvo (Beer)

   Obolon is no longer available at the local liquor stores in Canada. The beer was introduced and pulled from the shelves because of a lack of sales.


   Ukrainian Electronic Stamp Album
  Ukrainian Stamps Roman Olynyk


   Ukrainian music
   Prokofiev - National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
   Peter Ostroushko (mandolin and violin virtuoso)
   Reinhold Gliere
   Sun Ra and the Sun Harp (prepared bandura)
   Tchaikovski's Mazeppa
   Leontovych String Quartet
   Oksana Krovytska - Soprano

Fun sites

   Ukrainian Aphrodisiacs
   Ukrainian amusement and diversion page

Photo galleries

   Photos from Ukraine

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