InfoUkes Inc. would like to thank all the people who helped support it and make it what it is today. Andrew Ukrainec & Gerry Kokodyniak have decided to give up after 9 years of operation. It seems everybody else is selling out to Viktor Yanukovych, so we decided, we would too!

How did we get here you ask? Well, it started with the March 26th 2006 Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine.

The ballots for the parties of the Orange Revolution mysteriously disappeared.

Remarkebly, Viktor Yanukovych, the Leader of the Regions Party, generously offered to find them and put them back.

"I didn't see anything!!!"

"Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if this technique can help me win the Liberal Party Leadership Race in Canada!!"

"Hey, how else do you think I get re-elected in Belarus everytime!!!"

Here is Emperor Putin the First congratulating Viktor Yanukovych for the purchase of InfoUkes.

The New Chairman of the Board of InfoUkes.

Andrew Ukrainec, President InfoUkes Inc.
Gerry Kokodyniak, Vice-President InfoUkes Inc.
Saturday April 1st 2006


since April 1st 2006