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NGO CONCENTRATION CAMP NEAR MOSCOW EXPOSED. Russian police have arrested the organizers of a totalitarian-style concentration camp near Moscow, "Tribuna" reported on 26 January. The organizers of a group called "Brotherhood of Candidates to Become Real Humans" lured young people from throughout Russia and Ukraine with promises of Moscow jobs and then forced them into selling goods for the group and treated them like concentration camp inmates, the paper said. PG

UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT APPOINTS NEW DEPUTY PREMIER. Leonid Kuchma on 26 December appointed Oleh Dubyna as a new deputy prime minister in charge of industrial policy. Dubyna will also oversee the fuel and energy sector, which was the responsibility of Yuliya Tymoshenko until her sacking on 19 January (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 22 January 2001). Before his cabinet appointment, Dubyna was director of the Krivorizhstal plant, a state-owned steel mill in Krivyy Rih which provides some 20 percent of the country's steel. Premier Viktor Yushchenko commented that following Dybyna's appointment the cabinet will conduct an "even tougher" policy than before of exacting payments from energy and fuel consumers. JM

KYIV: NO WAY TO DETERMINE CAUSE OF DEATH TO SUSPECTED GONGADZE CORPSE. Deputy Prosecutor-General Oleksiy Bahanets told Interfax on 26 January that it is impossible to determine the cause of the death of the man whose body was found near Kyiv in November and is widely believed to be that of missing journalist Heorhiy Gongadze. "Forensic experts have not determined the cause of the death, since it is impossible because of putrefactive changes in the body," Bahanets said. JM

UKRAINIAN PARLIAMENT LOSES TWO LAWMAKERS IN A WEEK. Lawmaker Oleksandr Yemets died from injuries suffered in a car accident on 28 January, Interfax reported on 29 January. Yemets, who was 42-years-old, belonged to the Reform-Center caucus in the Verhovna Rada, or parliament. He was a deputy premier in 1997 and the president's adviser in 1998-99. On 22 January, lawmaker Yuriy Kononenko of the Popular Democratic Party caucus was found dead with a firearm wound in his chest in his office in Kharkiv. Police suspect that Kononenko committed suicide. JM

UKRAINIAN UNIATES ELECT NEW CHURCH LEADER. During their synod in Lviv on 25 January, bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic (Uniate) Church elected 67-year-old Bishop Lubomyr Husar as their primate. Husar, who is a U.S. citizen, will succeed Cardinal Myroslav Ivan Lyubachivskyy, who died last month. The Lviv synod was attended by 26 Greek Catholic bishops from Australia, Canada, the United States, Latin America, and Europe. JM