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KYIV CITY COURT RULES TO REARREST TYMOSHENKO... Former Deputy Premier Yuliya Tymoshenko was rearrested on 31 March, after the Kyiv City Court complied with an appeal from the Prosecutor-General's Office to cancel a district court's order to release Tymoshenko four days earlier (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 28 and 29 March 2001). Oleksandr Turchynov, head of the parliamentary caucus of Tymoshenko's Fatherland Party, said the hospital ward where Tymoshenko is currently staying has been sealed off by guards. According to Turchynov, Tymoshenko was rearrested on President Leonid Kuchma's "direct order," AP reported. Turchynov added that the arrest is intended to undermine the planned talks between the opposition and the president. JM

...BUT SUPREME COURT SAYS HOLD ON. Ukraine's Supreme Court on 2 April suspended the Kyiv City Court's decision to rearrest Tymoshenko, Reuters reported. The Supreme Court said it has suspended the arrest at least until it considers an appeal by Tymoshenko's lawyers. The agency quoted a Fatherland Party activist as saying that Tymoshenko's hospital room is still being guarded. JM

ANTI-KUCHMA OPPOSITION WANTS POLAND'S KWASNIEWSKI AS INTERMEDIARY. The Forum for National Salvation (FNP) told journalists on 30 March that it wants talks with President Kuchma or, should they fail to materialize, with Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, Kuchma's old friend. "We only agree to Kwasniewski acting as an intermediary, or someone named by him," Reuters quoted FNP activist Volodymyr Filenko as saying. "It was Kwasniewski who suggested to Kuchma that he should sit down to talks with the opposition," Filenko added. Filenko declined to say whether the FNP still insists on Kuchma's resignation as one of the key topics at the talks. JM

POLAND IS FOR 'PATIENT DIALOGUE' WITH UKRAINE. Polish Foreign Minister Bartoszewski on 30 March discussed the situation in Ukraine with NATO Secretary-General Lord George Robertson, who was visiting Warsaw last week. After the talks, Bartoszewski explained Poland's position on Ukraine to journalists: "We represent the view of a necessity for patient dialogue with Ukraine, of influence, in as much as that is possible, from outside for the amelioration of internal conflicts, in the interests of progress, stabilization and democratic processes in that country." Bartoszewski added that "it is not necessary to become discouraged, despite the fact that some phenomena are hard to accept," since "distancing and isolating Ukraine cannot bring anything good." JM

POLISH PROSECUTORS PROBE SECOND 1941 POGROM. The National Remembrance Institute (IPN) has commenced an investigation into the pogrom of Jews in Radzilow on 7 July 1941, which took place three days before a similar massacre in nearby Jedwabne (see "RFE/RL Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine Report," 6 and 20 March 2001). "According to initial findings, between 600 and 800 victims were murdered in Radzilow by being burned to death in a barn and also by being shot," Witold Kulesza, head of the investigations section of the IPN, told PAP. "The hypothesis has been taken up that the events in Radzilow had a similar course to the events in Jedwabne," Kulesza added. A recently published book by a New York professor alleges that Poles in Jedwabne burned some 1,600 Jews from the town and its vicinity without any encouragement from Nazi occupation troops there. JM