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UKRAINIAN CARETAKER PREMIER URGES CALM, CONSOLIDATION. Viktor Yushchenko told journalists in Kyiv on 9 May that the main problem for Ukrainian politicians this year is to find a "model that would not revolt society [and] could secure control over the socioeconomic situation," Interfax reported. Asked about what would happen if he were once again approved as prime minister, he said Ukrainians would see "a different Yushchenko." The ousted premier noted that only the consolidation of political forces that are ready to assume responsibility for the country "could force" him to go into politics "in a different quality." He added that the achievement of this consolidation is "much more difficult than to take out a placard and go to the opposition." The previous day, Yushchenko said it is possible to keep Ukraine's economy on track, adding that "the ball [now] is in the political rather than the governmental court," the "Eastern Economist Daily" reported. JM