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PAVLOVSKII URGES PUTIN TO MOVE AGAINST BEREZOVSKY. Gleb Pavlovskii, the Kremlin's adviser on information policy, said that Putin should now move against mass media outlets controlled by self-exiled magnate Boris Berezovsky because those outlets are openly attacking the president and his policies, reported on 20 July. Among such media outlets the website listed "Zhizn,", and provincial papers like "Prizyv" in Vladimir. Pavlovskii said that the Berezovsky-controlled organs are seeking to split the Russian Orthodox Church, undermine Russian allies in Belarus and Ukraine, and compromise Putin personally. Pavlovskii said that in such a campaign, Putin should rely on his own cadres and on "new centers of faith, influence, and business." VY

CHINA'S PRESIDENT IN UKRAINE. Chinese President Jiang Zemin on 21 July enlisted Ukraine's support for his country's opposition to U.S. missile defense plans, with the countries calling for the preservation of the old ABM treaty, AP reported. "This [ABM] treaty is the foundation of the structure of international agreements on limiting and reducing strategic offensive weapons," the Chinese and Ukrainian presidents said in a jointly signed declaration. The declaration also states that Ukraine views Taiwan as an inalienable part of China and pledges to have no official relations with it. Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma's spokesman, Oleksandr Martynenko, said both presidents discussed a wide range of issues including cooperation in space and aviation technologies as well as military cooperation. JM

CRIMEAN PARLIAMENTARY SPEAKER RENEWS ATTEMPT TO OUST PREMIER. Leonid Hrach, the speaker of the Crimean Supreme Council, has ordered that an emergency parliamentary session be held on 25 July in order to appoint a new premier of the Autonomous Republic of Crimes, Interfax reported on 21 July. The Crimean legislature on 18 July voted to oust Crimean Premier Serhiy Kunitsyn, following Hrach's announcement that President Kuchma consented to Kunitsyn's ouster. Kuchma subsequently denied giving such consent. Last week, following Kunitsyn's complaint, a district court in Simferopol suspended the Crimean legislature's decision to oust Kunitsyn. JM