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UKRAINE'S GRAIN CROP EXCEEDS 35 MILLION TONS. The Agricultural Policy Ministry told Interfax on 15 August that Ukrainian farmers have already harvested 35.1 million tons of grain from 95 percent of Ukraine's grain-producing areas. The government's grain yield target for 2001 was 35 million tons. Deputy Agricultural Policy Minister Roman Shmidt told journalists the previous day that Ukraine intends to export some 5-7 million tons of grain this year, mainly to EU countries. JM

UKRAINE, RUSSIA TO DESIGN NEW VERSION OF MILITARY TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT. Dmytro Kyva, the first deputy designer-general of the Kiev-based Antonov aircraft scientific and technical concern, has said that the Antonov concern and the Chkalov aircraft manufacturing plant in Novosibirsk (Russia) have decided to begin designing a version of the An-38 aircraft for carrying airborne troops, UNIAN reported on 15 August, quoting the Defense-Express agency. The new An-38 version is intended to deliver people and cargo both by landing and parachuting. Its payload will be three tons, or 22 paratroopers. The agency added that currently there are three potential buyers of this new plane but did not disclose names. Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov said after talks with Ukrainian First Deputy Prime Minister Oleh Dubyna in Moscow on 15 August that the two countries intend to pool efforts to market the jointly developed An-70 transport plane internationally, Interfax reported. JM