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ANOTHER TERRORIST ACT THAT 'CHANGED HISTORY.' An article in "Nezavisimaya gazeta" discussed the assassination in Kyiv 90 years ago this week of Russian Prime Minister Petr Stolypin, a man whose reputation has undergone several fundamental reassessments since his death. The paper suggested that Stolypin's assassination recalled Karl Marx's observation that "violence is the midwife of history," and noted that what was true a century ago, remains true today. PG

UKRAINIAN PARLIAMENT TO BACKTRACK ON DEATH PENALTY ABOLITION. The parliament on 19 September decided to review during the current session the process and outcome of the vote on the abolition of the death penalty in Ukraine, Ukrainian television reported. First deputy speaker Viktor Medvedchuk said there is documented evidence indicating that vote was falsified. On 22 February 2000, the parliament voted in favor of abolishing the death penalty in order to conform with Ukraine's obligations to the Council of Europe. Some deputies began to question the legality of the vote in July 2000. JM

UKRAINIAN GOVERNMENT SUBMITS 2002 BUDGET TO PARLIAMENT. Finance Minister Ihor Mityukov on 19 September presented to the parliament a draft 2002 budget approved by the government earlier this month (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 6 September 2001), Ukrainian media reported. JM

OUR UKRAINE BLOC EMERGES IN PARLIAMENT. The parliamentary caucuses of the Ukrainian Popular Rukh, the Popular Rukh of Ukraine, the Reforms and Order Party, and Reforms-Congress on 19 September announced the creation of the Our Ukraine group in the Ukrainian parliament to represent the Our Ukraine election coalition headed by former Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko, UNIAN reported. JM

CRIMEAN LEGISLATURE APPROVES MINISTERS FOR NEW CABINET. Crimea's Supreme Council has approved 16 out of 28 members of the autonomous republic's Council of Ministers headed by Valeriy Horbatov, UNIAN reported on 19 September. Seven out of the 16 ministers are members of the Communist Party of Ukraine; two represent the Union Party; one represents the United Social Democratic Party; and the others are independents. JM

UKRAINE TO RETURN BACH ARCHIVE TO GERMANY. The Ukrainian government has decided to return to Germany a vast archive containing works by Johann Sebastian Bach and other German composers and long considered lost in World War II, dpa and AP reported on 19 September. Soviet troops looted the archive from the Berlin Choral Academy in 1945. The archive, which contains nearly 5,120 documents, remained virtually untouched in Kyiv until Christoph Wolff, a Harvard music professor, found it in June 1999 and alerted Ukraine to its historic significance. JM