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ARMENIAN PARLIAMENT DEPUTY ACCUSES UKRAINE OF 'ANTI-ARMENIAN PROPAGANDA.' Hovannes Hovannesian, who heads Armenia's delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), said on 19 September that the Armenian delegation will support Georgia, but not Ukraine during a debate scheduled for the PACE autumn session on those two countries' compliance with their commitments to the Council of Europe, according to Mediamax, as cited by Groong. He said the reason for this differentiated approach is that Ukrainian officials have recently been "conducting anti-Armenian propaganda in a number of international organizations." LF

IMF, WORLD BANK RESUME LENDING TO UKRAINE. The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) board of directors on 20 September decided to resume lending to Ukraine and issue a credit tranche of $377 million, Interfax reported. The IMF said in a statement that it is impressed by Ukraine's economic results and monetary policies this year. The fund advised Kyiv not to increase the 2002 budget deficit beyond 1.7 percent of GDP and urged the Ukrainian government to speed up structural reforms and privatization, as well as to liberalize the country's agrarian sector. The same day, the World Bank decided to loan Kyiv $250 million to support the government's economic program. JM

UKRAINIAN PARLIAMENT UPGRADES INHERITANCE LAW TO EUROPEAN STANDARDS. The parliament on 20 September adopted a section of Ukraine's new Civil Code, bringing Ukrainian legislation relating to the right to inheritance into line with European standards, ICTV Television reported. The code establishes a new procedure for appointing heirs. "Earlier the state was the heir if a person did not have relatives, brothers, or sisters. Now, according to the future Civil Code, property may be in every case inherited, even by distant relatives," ICTV quoted lawmaker Vasyl Onopenko as saying. JM