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GEORGIA, UKRAINE SIGN ECONOMIC-COOPERATION AGREEMENTS. A Ukrainian government delegation headed by Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh participated in a two-day session in Tbilisi on 16 and 17 July of the Georgian-Ukrainian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation, Caucasus Press and ITAR-TASS reported. The two sides signed a total of eight agreements, including one on restructuring Georgia's debts to Ukraine, one on the protection of classified information, and others on education and culture. The two delegations discussed coordinating transport tariffs, establishing a joint venture to manufacture arms, and the possibility of Georgian participation in the international consortium to build and operate the Odesa-Brody-Gdansk oil-export pipeline. Kinakh on 17 July underscored the "shared strategic interests" uniting the two countries, ITAR-TASS reported. LF

EU SEES PROGRESS IN UKRAINE'S WTO BID. Speaking after a meeting of the joint EU-Ukrainian commission in Kyiv on 17 July, Gustavo Prada, the head of the EU's trade-analysis body, said that "it is clear that economic reforms are taking place in Ukraine, but not everything is perfect," AP reported. According to the news agency, the agenda of the EU-Ukrainian meeting included Ukraine's trade with European countries, cooperation in steel and agriculture sectors, and Ukraine's bid for World Trade Organization (WTO) membership. Prada said Ukraine's accession to the WTO "depends on how quickly Ukraine's government wants to adapt its legislation to WTO standards." He urged the government to enforce existing laws, especially in the sphere of copyright protection. RK