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BEREZOVSKII ANNOUNCES PLANS TO MOVE TO UKRAINE. Former oligarch Boris Berezovskii, who has been living in exile in London since 2000, told on 28 January that he plans to move to Ukraine within a few months. Berezovskii explained that he wants "to be closer to Moscow and to the culture in which I grew up." He added that although he hasn't spoken with Ukrainian President Yushchenko or acting Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko, he is confident that the new Ukrainian authorities will not hand him over to Russian law-enforcement agencies. Asked about Berezovskii at a press conference in Davos, Switzerland, Yushchenko said it was too early to comment but that he is sure Ukraine will "act in strict accordance with domestic and international laws" if Berezovskii's plans are realized, and "Ukrayinska pravda" reported on 30 January. JAC

...CAUTIONS WESTERN ENVOYS ON INTERFERENCE... President Karimov has sent a clear signal that he intends to keep a close eye on the activities of foreign-funded NGOs in Uzbekistan in light of recent events in Georgia and Ukraine. Warning that the activities of some NGOs "go far beyond what is declared in their charters and programs," Karimov said that "such projects, which contradict our legislation, have no future in Uzbekistan," UzA reported. "We will bring to heel those who go beyond the law," quoted Karimov as saying. "We have the capability to do that." Karimov then directly addressed Western ambassadors, saying: "I don't want to delve too deeply into this matter. But those sitting up there in the balcony ought to understand that better," Reuters reported. The remark was not included in the transcript posted on the site of official news agency UzA ( DK

...AND SUGGESTS THAT UKRAINE EVENTS COULD LEAD UZBEKISTAN TO LEAVE GUUAM. Speaking at a news conference after his address to parliament on 28 January, President Karimov said that events in Georgia and Ukraine could lead Uzbekistan to pull out of GUUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova), Uzbek Television First Channel reported. "The tendencies that are taking place now in Ukraine and Georgia -- and also in Moldova, which is a member of GUUAM -- make us reconsider our relations again and again: whether or not we should continue participating in GUUAM in the future," Karimov said. "We have not yet adopted any decision on this account. However, I think we will solve this issue in the near future." Karimov also lambasted the Commonwealth of Independent States for its ineffectiveness and stressed that U.S. troops will leave Uzbekistan once the U.S. contingent leaves Afghanistan. Uzbekistan has previously suspended and then reaffirmed its membership in GUUAM (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 28 May 2003 and 26 June 2004). DK

UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT SETS DEADLINE FOR MEETING WTO REQUIREMENTS... In Davos, Switzerland, to attend the World Economic Forum, Viktor Yushchenko said at a meeting with World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Supachai Panitchpakdi on 28 January that Ukraine "hopes to meet all requirements necessary for joining the WTO by November," Interfax reported. Yushchenko also announced the creation of a new post of deputy prime minister for European integration in the new government, which will be filled by Our Ukraine legislator Oleh Rybachuk. According to the "Ukrayinska pravda" website ( on 30 January, Rybachuk attended a lunch hosted by Interpipe owner and former President Leonid Kuchma's son-in-law, Viktor Pinchuk, at which he answered questions from businessmen and Western journalists about European integration. JAC

UKRAINIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT DECLARES NEW CAMPAIGN. The youth organization Pora held a ceremony in Kyiv on 30 January to mark its transition from a civic campaign to a public organization and analytical center, "Ukrayinska pravda" and Ukrayinski novini reported. At the ceremony, State Secretary Oleksandr Zinchenko read a letter of thanks and congratulations from President Yushchenko. According to a 27 January press release, Pora's next stage of activities will be devoted to the "de-Kuchma-ization of Ukraine," the goal of which will be a "cardinal renewal of the authorities," the lustration of cadres and the increase of the authorities' transparency. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Television reported on 28 January that Pora activists threw eggs at the Uzhhorod mayor, who ambulance doctors said sustained a facial injury. JAC

PRESIDENT TAPS ANOTHER LAWMAKER FOR TOP POST. President Yushchenko has appointed Oleksandr Tretyakov, a lawmaker from the Our Ukraine faction, as his first aide, UNIAN reported on 28 January. Tretyakov, 35, is member of the Fuel and Energy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada. He also served as a treasurer for Yushchenko's election campaign. JAC

UKRAINE NOT AGAINST ENLARGING TRANSDNIESTER SETTLEMENT FRAMEWORK... Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleksandr Mostak on 28 January told a Chisinau meeting of the GUUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Moldova) National Coordinators Committee that his country wants the five-sided format of negotiations on a Transdniester settlement to continue, but will not raise objections to having the European Union and the United States included in the negotiation framework, Infotag and Flux reported. Mostak said his country is interested in seeing the conflict solved as soon as possible. The GUUAM meeting was also attended by representatives of the United States, Hungarian border troops, and the Romania-based Southeast Europe Cooperation Initiative Center, according to BASA-press. MS

...ANNOUNCES TOUGHENING OF TRANSIT CONTROLS FOR TRANSDNIESTER IMPORTS. The Ukrainian customs service announced on 21 January that Transdniester-bound imports transiting Ukrainian territory must carry Moldovan-issued import certificates, Infotag and Flux reported on 28 January. The step is in line with a decision of the Moldovan government issued last year, which the previous Ukrainian government criticized and refused to implement (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 5 August 2004). Transdniester's deputy industry minister, Yurii Ganin, said the step was in breach of the Ukrainian Customs Code and international law. Ganin added that Transdniester's exports via Ukraine are allowed to transit that country without problems. MS