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UZBEKISTAN TOPS LIST OF REMITTANCE RECIPIENTS FROM RUSSIA. Data from the Russian Central Bank suggests that Uzbekistan was the largest recipient of remittances from Russia in the second quarter of 2006, reported on August 30. Uzbekistan and Ukraine each received some $210 million, followed by: Tajikistan ($187 million); Armenia ($129 million); Moldova ($115 million); Kyrgyzstan ($102 million); Azerbaijan ($94 million); Georgia ($81 million); and Kazakhstan ($22 million). DK

OUR UKRAINE MAY FORMALLY JOIN RULING COALITION IN SEPTEMBER. Justice Minister Roman Zvarych told journalists in Kyiv on August 30 that a new coalition agreement may be signed within two weeks after the Verkhovna Rada inaugurates its autumn session on September 5, Interfax-Ukraine reported. "At present, the situation with the coalition government is not quite logical and clear, as representatives of Our Ukraine work in the government, while this political force is not a subject of the coalition agreement," Zvarych said. He predicted that most members of the Our Ukraine parliamentary caucus will sign the new agreement. The current cabinet of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych was formed on the basis of a coalition accord concluded in July by the Party of Regions, the Socialist Party, and the Communist Party, and of a declaration of unity signed by these parties, Our Ukraine, and President Viktor Yushchenko on August 3. Our Ukraine, which has several ministers in the cabinet, is not a signatory to the coalition accord. JM